For the limited edition of ‘Vernacular’, 5 photographs were selected as the options for the print that accompanies each limited edition. These images come from various parts of the country, including the scene shown below (of roadside signals against an impressive sky at Mahia Peninsula).

One chapter of the book that was of particular interest to us was ‘Signals’; in which we looked at the myriad of signs and defining markers that direct how we move through society. Many of these exhibit striking splashes of colour (such as aviation safety poles and marker posts), whilst others (like this reflective shield) are much more subtle in character.

As we drove along the northern shore of Mahia Peninsula, David thought that this was the best time to take an image of the simple aesthetic motif of one of these shields, reflecting against the car lights in the fading light. In this case, I was the accomplice; instructed to inch the car forwards and back and adjust the lights, so that the shield projected forth from the surrounding context (and somehow seeming to become disconnected in the process).